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Transforming Bar Desk

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Introduction: Transforming Bar Desk

Transforming Bar Desk
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Living in a small rental approach having to choose: table or bar? You may have each with the Transforming Bar / Desk!

The design features a cork-backed wall behind the table that pivots on picket dowel posts at the facets of the table. Simply pull the table clear of the wall, fold down the again wall, and it turns into a bar with seating for three at stools. A trough behind the table (hidden via the bar most sensible when it is down) has room for 20+ bottles, a shelf for bar put on, and a recessed corner for an ice bucket or chopping board.

Step 1: Design

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I am at all times in search of tactics to reside a high-end way of life in a small area. Living within the Bay Area, proudly owning a house is out of the query for me, and the most efficient rental I will have the funds for is 700 Sq. Ft. Watching Mad Men makes me pine for the times of Mid-Century Modernism, when other folks in truth had room for the entire superior furnishings they sought after.

I like to entertain buddies, and a house bar is a good way to get other folks over for pre-dinner cocktails. With the entire to be had area in my rental crammed, I had to change one thing very important as a way to are compatible a bar. Since my furnishings variety is already about as minimum because it will get, I had to mix it with one thing else- my table.

I went thru numerous design iterations, however the only I ended with used to be so simple as conceivable. I sought after the transformation to occur in a single fast motion, and for gravity to stay the bar most sensible in position when it used to be folded down for bar mode, and folded up for table mode.

After more than one tries, I discovered a pivot level at the facet of the table that might permit gravity to stay the bar most sensible in position whilst ensuring the bar used to be 42″ excessive when in bar mode. This is essential as a result of it is the usual peak for a bar. If there may be something I have realized in my years of designing furnishings, it is this: DON’T MESS WITH STANDARD DIMENSIONS! The quantity of play in the case of acquainted ergonomic relationships (measurement of a chair, peak of a desk, and so on.) has little or no room for play. You’ve actually most effective were given about 1/2″ of extreme deviation from the norm if you need your merchandise to be comfy and usable.

I designed this piece (and virtually each different challenge for the previous yr) in Fusion 360. It’s loose indefinitely with a “startup” license, so make sure you set up it and mess around with the “Odom_Transforming-Bar-Desk.f3d” fashion I have supplied on this step. In Fusion, you’ll make mechanical assemblies, which made my lifestyles A LOT more straightforward for this challenge. I used to be in a position to check out more than one pivoting configurations to make certain my challenge would paintings as I might was hoping.

Fusion 360 is loose for college kids and hobbyists, and there is a ton of tutorial strengthen on it. If you need to learn how to 3-d fashion the type of paintings I do, I believe that is your only option in the marketplace. Click the hyperlinks beneath to enroll:




A couple of main points I incorporated within the design are as follows:

  • Nut + bolt wallet for mounting a 2nd observe
  • A big drawer with garage on every facet
  • A shelf for barware
  • A recessed corner for ice bucket or chopping board garage



I actually assume this can be a just right design, and within the passion of averting any long term felony battles over the non-commercial license on this instructable, I have carried out for a provisional patent. This protects my design for 365 days, and then time I will practice for a complete patent with 20 yr coverage.

As at all times, please remake, remix, and re-think the product on your personal non-public functions!

  • Odom_Transforming-Bar-Desk.f3dOdom_Transforming-Bar-Desk.f3d
    DownloadView in 3-d
  • Odom_Transforming-Bar-Desk.igsOdom_Transforming-Bar-Desk.igs

Step 2: Fabrication

I am not going to enter fabrication main points with this instructable. Suffice it to mention I minimize the whole thing on a Shopbot CNC Router and wiped clean up the radiused corners with a document via hand. There are PDF templates of the entire portions supplied on this step, in addition to a DWG document you’ll use for CNC routing, laser chopping, or another more or less virtual fabrication.

DXF FILES: Attached on this step if you wish to CNC minimize your personal.


These drawer slides from McMaster Carr are compatible PERFECTLY! I am lovely happy with this. Fitting drawer slides with plywood portions has at all times been actually intimidating to me. But in case you use my templates, those drawer slides will provide you with a really perfect are compatible with a 1/eight” hole throughout, concealing the drawer slides.


  1. Check out my Digital Fabrication via Hand instructable for whole directions on methods to make the entire challenge with a hand drill, jigsaw, and round noticed. The PDF templates supplied on this step will also be published at complete scale, spray-glued to plywood sheets, and minimize out via following the broadcast strains with hand gear.
  2. Do it with a hand-held router and templates. The procedure is described intimately in my Technique: Multiple Copies with Router and Templates instructable.
  • 4X8 Three Quarter Ply Template 1.pdf4X8 Three Quarter Ply Template 1.pdf
  • 4X8 Three Quarter Ply Template 2.pdf4X8 Three Quarter Ply Template 2.pdf
  • 24inx36in Three Quarter Ply Template 3.pdf24inx36in Three Quarter Ply Template three.pdf
  • 54inX36in One Half Ply Template.pdf54inX36in One Half Ply Template.pdf
  • Bar Desk Templates.dwgBar Desk Templates.dwg
  • Half Inch 1.dxfHalf Inch 1.dxf
  • Three Quarter 1.dxfThree Quarter 1.dxf
  • Three Quarter 2.dxfThree Quarter 2.dxf
  • Three Quarter 3.dxfThree Quarter three.dxf

Step three: Assembly Method

Assembly Method

corner assembly.jpg

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The panels are compatible along with sequence of tabs, slots, and cutouts. There are many 1/eight” Ø holes within the templates and CAD document. These are pilot holes for the countersunk screws that hang the whole thing in combination. Here’s how it is achieved:

  1. Fit the portions in combination, clamp with cause clamps if essential to stay the portions correctly aligned and flush.
  2. With the portions securely in position, use a countersink drill bit, and drill in the course of the pilot hollow. This will go away a countersunk pocket within the face of the plywood for the screw, and create a pilot hollow into the grain of the panel perpendicular to it- this may increasingly mitigate splitting and growth within the plywood. THIS IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO JOIN PLYWOOD since the grain isn’t designed to be reied upon this manner for construction, however this being a prototype, I did it this manner in lieu of extra powerful and time eating tactics to enroll in panels at proper angles.
  3. Drive the screws in and transfer directly to the following panel.

Step four: Assembly: Main Desk

Assembly: Main Desk

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The table is made up of 27 separate plywood panels. All the panels are compatible along with pre-drilled pilot holes for countersunk screws. To collect the piece, I adopted thew directions laid out right here. The order of meeting is lovely essential, so learn moderately!

  1. First, I made the 2 “leg panels”. This comes to gluing the surfaces that cross in combination, lining up the 1/four” holes within the two panels, hammering in becoming a member of dowels to stay the panels aligned, and clamping them in combination in a single day.
  2. With the leg panels completed, I moved on to putting together the principle table elements. The instruction pictures describe those steps intimately, however principally I laid some of the leg panels on its facet, then connected the horizontal panels one-at-a-time. These panels all are compatible in position with a rubber mallet and screws.
  3. Next, I added the other leg, and screwed either one of the legs into the horizontal panels the use of the pilot holes already minimize via the CNC.
  4. With the legs securely in position, I added the under-desk beam panels, adopted via the desktop, adopted via the 2 gussets that fasten to the entrance.

Having moderately designed the items to suit in combination correctly in line with the fabric thickness, those steps labored with none main surprises. This section most effective took a few hours.

Step five: Assembly: Shelf and Nook

Assembly: Shelf and Nook

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The shelf and garage corner consist of 3 portions. The shelf suits snugly into the hollow space within the again panel, with it is most sensible flush towards the higher a part of the hole. The panel that closes the corner suits into two cutouts- one within the shelf edge and one within the decrease bar shelf edge. With either one of those panels screwed in position, a dowel publish suits into holes within the higher and decrease cabinets, making the whole thing safe.

Step 6: Assembly: Folding Bar Top

Assembly: Folding Bar Top

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The bar most sensible is made up of five items. First, I connected the 2 joists to on of the hinge panels, then I connected the bar most sensible to these 3 panels.

Leaving the second one hinge panel off, I positioned the bar most sensible onto the principle table in order that the opening within the hinge aligned with the dowel publish at the leg panel. Finally, I added the second one hinge panel and screwed it in position.

Screwing the hinge panels into the edges of the bar most sensible helps to keep the bar most sensible in position and permits a secure, easy hinge motion.

Step 7: Assembly: Drawer

Assembly: Drawer

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The drawer is the one section made of one/2″ plywood. This meeting is lovely easy as a result of it is small, and I designed the items in order that it might most effective are compatible in combination a method. With all the facet panels and dividers screwed in combination, I inserted the ground of the drawer into the recessed pocket at the backside.

I determined to make use of wooden glue and a nail gun for the drawer, since there can be no want to disassemble it later.

With the drawer assembled, I connected the interior rails of the draw slides via lining them up with the holes that have been pre-drilled within the panel facets.

Next, I covered up the holes within the outer rails of the drawer slides with the pre-drilled ones within the desktop beams.

Lastly, I adopted the directions that got here with the drawer slides, and inserted the interior rails at the drawer with the outer rails at the table. The drawer slides labored completely with simply the correct quantity of clearance.

Step eight: Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard
05 drawer.jpg
10 trough.jpg
11 bottles.jpg
07 desk sq.jpg
14 bar under.jpg
12 bar mode.jpg
13 bar mode money.jpg

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I am severely pleased with this piece! All the pics are compatible in combination completely. The bar most sensible is easily balanced, so it rested simply in position in each the up and down positions. The movement of the bar most sensible when rotating is easy or even.

The most effective enhancements I have were given in thoughts are a extra Ikea-style joinery machine. The embedded nuts they use to make meeting fast and easy can be excellent.

It’s a actually flexible piece of furnishings. I made the most important space of the drawer reasonably larger than my M Audio Axiom 49 keyboard controller so I will play the piano when I am not running or consuming with buddies, and the bar most sensible additionally makes an excellent status table.

The trough constructed into the again finish of the table is the easiest measurement for an influence strip, and it has holes drilled in both sides to permit for cables to discreetly path to shops. The bar overhangs the brink of the desktop via over 12″, which makes for comfy bar stool seating.

Want to shop for one? Go to my on-line retailer, Roundhead Design and installed an order!

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