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Strawberry Rosé Slush

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Strawberry Rosé Slush

This Strawberry Rosé Slush is a quick and affordable frozen drink to experience this summer time. No fancy blender or liquors required!

Total Cost $2.76 recipe
Prep Timefivemins
Total Timefivemins


  • 1/fourlbfrozen strawberries (unsweetened)$zero.50
  • 1cupRosé$2.24
  • 1Tbsppowdered sugar$zero.02


  1. Add the frozen strawberries, powdered sugar, and rosé to a blender. Blend till the drink is thick and clean.
  2. If the drink is simply too thick to mix correctly, upload a touch extra of rosé. If the drink is simply too skinny, upload a pair further frozen strawberries or a couple of ice cubes and mix once more.
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