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Repurpose a glass vase into trendy home decor

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Rope Vase

I have been seeing the nautical home decor theme a lot lately. It seems to be making quite a “splash!” 🙂 Since I like to be “on trend” AND I like repurposing ordinary household items into something EXTRAordinary….the idea of a DIY Rope Vase really captured my interest!

It’s not only SUPER easy to make (only requires 3 “ingredients” and 3 steps) it’s extremely affordable as well. You probably have a vase you can use rattling around in one of your cupboards right now.

You can easily whip it up in under 15 minutes….and that includes arranging the flowers in it!

Rope Vase

DIY Rope Vase

Things You’ll Need:

  • a glass vase
  • rope
  • glue


Start with a clean glass vase. Put a small dot of craft glue on one end of the rope and attach it to the area of the vase you want the rope to cover. We used a glass and bead glue, but hot glue would work as well. We also used a hemp rope. Sisal rope would be another good choice.

Rope Vase

We decided to wrap the middle section of the vase. I’ve also seen rope vases with the rope wrapped around the top or bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the vase. It’s all personal preference! Whatever appeals to you!

Continue wrapping the rope around the vase, adding small glue dots as you go around and up.

Rope Vase

When you get to the end of your rope (or the place where you want to stop,) cut the rope, and secure with another small dot of glue.

Rope Vase

That’s it! Now isn’t that a much nicer look for that tired old vase you got from the florist a hundred years ago? You could also make it into a candle holder by adding some sand and a pretty candle in the color of your choice. This would be a great (and easy!) centerpiece idea for multiple tables at an event as well.

Rope Vase

Oh, I forgot…there is one last step: go pick out a pretty grocery store bouquet and treat a friend (or yourself) to a lovely arrangement in your new rope vase! You both deserve it!

Rope Vase


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