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How to Remodel Your Old Shoes Into Chic & New Ones

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How to Remodel Your Old Shoes Into Chic & New Ones

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Hey there! I’m sure we all have at least one pair of shoes which fits into one of these categories –

  • Too Old
  • Too Ugly
  • Too Outdated

If you agree, then this is the right place for you!!

Read on to find out how you can remodel your old shoes into chic & new ones. It’ll save your time and money (you don’t have to go shop for new ones), and recycling has always benefitted our planet.

Step 1: You Will Need:-

You Will Need:-
  • An Old pair of shoes
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Newspapers
  • Paints & Brushes
  • Spray Paints
  • Other decorative items. (Ribbons, sequins, etc.)
  • Needle & thread.

Step 2: Prep Your Old Shoes:-

Prep Your Old Shoes:-
  • Wash your shoes ( you can either hand wash or machine wash it)
  • Bleach them to strip off the excess and unnecessary colour (which might be faded)
  • Let them dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Repairing Your Shoes:-

Repairing Your Shoes:-
  • Fill your shoes with newspaper ball to maintain the shape.
  • Repair any damaged or frayed area (by yourself or by going to the cobbler.)

Step 4: Whitewash the Shoes:-

Whitewash the Shoes:-
  • Coat the shoes with a layer of white paint as a base layer. (You can hand paint or spray paint.)
  • If your shoes have laces, remove them before painting.
  • Let them dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Paint the Shoes:-

Paint the Shoes:-
  • Coat the shoes with a colour of your choice.
  • If you want the shoes to remain white, then add another layer of white paint.
  • Let it dry completely.

Step 6: Detail the Shoes:-

Detail the Shoes:-
  • Paint on small motifs or illustrations, which match with the new colour of your shoes.
  • Floral designs, small bugs, geometric patterns work the best. They never go out of style.
  • Add any other decorations of your choice. Replace laces with ribbons, stick sequins, buttons, etc.

Step 7: You’re All Done:-

You’re All Done:-
  • Your new shoes are ready. Experiment with colours and patterns and come up with something fashionable and gorgeous.
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