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Popup Birthday Card – DIY

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Popup Birthday Card

Hi All,

On my wife’s birthday, I wanted to surprise her by making a pop up card.

In this instructables, I will share where to get templates and how to make one for your loved one.

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?

What Do We Need ?


  • Red colored thick paper
  • White thick paper
  • Paper knife
  • Steel scale
  • Gluestick
  • Template ( link in next step )
  • Ball pen or compass

All paper are A4 size

Step 2: Template


Credit : base template used in this instructable is from extremepapercrafting.com

You can download template from here

Note that the template is A4 size

Step 3: Cutting

  • On the template we have a border.
  • Apply glue on the reverse side outside the border and stick the template on the white thick paper,
  • Use steel scale to make cuts
  • Using a sharp object like compass, outline where the paper will be folded

Step 4: Popping

  • Using gentle force push and fold to get cake popped out
  • Start from bottom then middle and then top

Step 5: Customise and Finishing Touches

Customise and Finishing Touches

I was not satisfied with just having cake pop up. I wanted more

  • Added few
    • balloons
    • Candle
    • Rose
  • Look for silhouette icons on internet if you want

Stick the card on a red colored paper, write your message

Gift the card to your loved one

Source: instructables.com/
Collected by: http://howtomakediy.net

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