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Introduction: Paper Rose

Paper Rose

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Let’s make a bouquet of rose the use of papers.

Things you’ll want:

  • News paper
  • scissor
  • glue
  • a small piece of cord
  • scale

Step 1: Making Petals

Making Petals

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Cut information paper in several ratios of dimension(massive – small).Cut it like petals(lower petals in a different way from one every other).Use four – five petals for small dimension and use eight – 10 petals for massive dimension.

Step 2: Making Rose

Making Rose

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Glue th smallest petal in the beginning and glue others again to again from small to special.(give press on the backside of each and every petal after gluing to it)

Step three: Giving Effect

Giving Effect

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After finishing gluing petals simply fold the edges of petals to provide an impact.

Step four: Bouquet


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After making many roses joint each and every plants the use of a tape or with a ribbon.

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