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One good thing by you – volume two!

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Back in June to celebrate “One smart issue By Jillee” turning one year previous, we have a tendency to had a fun giveaway wherever individuals left comments telling United States what YOUR “One smart Thing” would be if you were Maine for a day! 🙂 It might be a “tried and true” tip, technique, recipe, craft, etc…or it might be one thing utterly NEW!

The response was OVERWHELMING! It regarding KILLED Maine to choose simply 10 finalists so ONE winner!  Honestly! it had been one in every of the toughest things EVER! 🙂

I secure earlier that i might post a lot of of YOUR “One smart Things” as a result of they’re simply TOO smart to not share! however this point I’m creating it simple on myself and simply willy-nilly selecting some from the virtually five hundred submitted!

Eventually we are going to get to all or any of them….but for today….here is that the SECOND INSTALLMENT of ………

Homemade Magic Shell

Happy web log Birthday! I simply discovered an incredible tip I’d prefer to share with you. I mixed Nutella and copra oil along in a couple of 2:1 magnitude relation. By itself it’s wonderful to snack on, however guess what?? you’ll be able to spoon it over frozen dessert and it hardens at intervals a moment, creating a toothsome various to factory-made crackle topping. I feel thus clever! The 2:1 magnitude relation is copra oil to Nutella, therein order.

You can additionally try this with any flavor chocolate chips or chocolate bars and create home-brewed magic shell. I actually have many flavors and that i store them within the cheapo mustard and katsup bottles from the $1 store. They additionally don’t ought to be cold. And if they get a liitle solid in colder weather, simply nuke them for 10-20 seconds.

Teething Helper 

Joanne Stein
Happy Birthday! My one smart issue, like such a large amount of of yours, is finding a resourceful thanks to use what we have a tendency to have already got. My son had received terry artefact booties as a present, however he seldom wore them. One day, as i used to be temperature reduction washcloths to assist along with his growth discomfort, I checked out the clean-but-unworn booties and thought “teethers”! By wetting the toe space and temperature reduction during a nothing high bag, the baby gets a chilly, soothing teether and that we get a dry cuff to carry onto. Since there ar two booties, there’s forever one prepared within the electric refrigerator. the primary tooth came in yesterday, by the manner (just when vi months)…

Eight Glasses A Day

Crystal L.
I am terrible regarding fitness and uptake healthy, and even a lot of thus regarding memory to drink enough water throughout the day! but, if I place eight rubber bands round the bottom of my glass the morning I will simply keep track of what percentage glasses i want to drink by taking one off on every occasion I end drinking. simply this one tip alone helps American state lose water weight and uncomfortable bloat, even once my diet isn’t the best! simply guaranteeing you’re drinking enough water will be enough to quench unsavory cravings.

 Homemade Face Powder

Sherry @ a cheerful Valentine
My one sensible issue is my home-baked powder. I’ve discovered that cornflour may be tinted with chocolate to match my complexion. It makes the right powder and smells nice too! My husband loves the scent on American state too. 🙂

By the way, i take advantage of this for dry shampoo on my dark hair too. I simply apply it at the roots with a makeup brush. It works great!

Razor Saver

My one smart factor is drying off your razor everytime you shave. My husband and that i started doing this and our razors last manner, manner longer! I don’t understand why this keeps your razor from going uninteresting however it works! Such a cash saver!

Refrigerator Shelf Saver


My “One sensible Thing” is: cowl your white goods shelf with Saran’s Press and Seal Wrap….then once it gets dirty you only peel it off and apply a replacement piece!!

Sibling Rivalry Solution

Happy birthday! My one smart factor was an answer that came to ME in an exceedingly moment of desperation once my 2 kids were tiny. they might perpetually bicker over EVERYTHING. WHO ought to sit within the front seat, WHO ought to choose the sport we tend to compete, WHO picked the motion picture – you get the image. it absolutely was thus exacerbating and exhausting making an attempt to be honest and not have additional arguments concerning whom I selected. at some point it dawned on ME that since my daughter’s birthday is on Associate in Nursing odd date and my son’s is on a good, i might let the calender decide! On odd days she was able to opt for and on evens it absolutely was his flip. Any tiny arguments may be resolved this manner while not plenty of “but momma, it’s not fair! ” They quickly learned that day was theirs and therefore the bicker was greatly diminished. after all pop and that i had final say on larger problems and on the thirty first – can’t have an additional odd day – it wouldn’t be fair!

Laminate Flooring Cleaner

Lorna S
My OGT: rather than exploitation store bought floor cleaner to scrub laminate floors, use one gal of heat water & one cup vinegar. It cleans the floors o.k. and leaves a NO STREAK shine!

Amazing Corn Shucking Trick!

Alexandra L.
Love your blog! Here is my one sensible issue. . . To avoid shucking corn and attempting to induce all of the silk off, simply microwave your corn 4-5 minutes in microwave for one ear; or10 minutes for three ears. The husks keep the wet in and steams the corn. Cut an in. off the wide finish and also the corn slips right out…no silks!

Toilet Paper Rolls As Cord Wranglers

Tanya Leavitt
I like to require the empty tissue rolls or towel rolls and use them to contain the cords to my appliances. Curling irons and craft tools that require to be blocked in

Ants Hate WD40!

My “one sensible thing” for the day: Stop ants from coming into your house by victimisation WD-40. simply spray a line of it and ants won’t cross it!!

Super (Safe) Clog Buster!

Susie Sippel

Our basement sink had one euphemism of a wicked clog. Knowing that my husband would kill Maine if I went intent on purchase a lot of liquid artisan AND tell my brother in law on Maine (I love my brother in law however he’s the sort of guy you wish on your side! in any case, he’s a artisan for goodness sake!!!) I have to be compelled to work someday with one box of bicarbonate of soda and one gallon of vinegar. once concerning AN hour, three boxes of bicarbonate of soda and four gallons of vinegar, I got the blessed “thuck” sound i used to be yearning for and place a lot of plight down the sink and therefore the clog is and has been gone!!!! whereas i do know that this isn’t typical which you don’t ordinarily would like this abundant, I tackled that clog and that i won!!!!

 Simple Chocolate Treat!

Mary Kearney
And a straightforward delicious treat to celebrate your birthday may be a candy instruction I’ve been creating for years. It’s one cup of chocolate chips, one cup of paste chips, one cup of cracker sticks broken into threes, and one cup of round the bend, any type, i exploit cashews. combine the chocolate & paste chips during a microwave safe bowl, microwave to soften stirring each 25-30 seconds. Once unfrozen add the round the bend cracker items. Mix well. drop in spoonfuls on to paper lined trays. Refrigerate to line. Store in associate airtight instrumentality. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!!

Corn Tortilla Pizza Roll-ups! (GF)


It’s hot! Too hot to cook this summer. thus at my house we’ve been uptake plenty of wraps. Also, we tend to area unit within the method of going gluten-free (one child is, the opposite one and that i area unit waiting on tests) thus sandwiches are out as a result of we tend to haven’t found a GF bread anyone likes. thus for wraps, I simply heat the griddle pan, place a corn hotcake on for a moment, flip it, add lunchmeat or leftover meat and cheese, and fold it in [*fr1] once the cheese melts. (The tortillas I’ve been shopping for area unit too tiny to really roll.) Then we tend to add lettuce, tomatoes and no matter sauce we would like.

Today i made a decision to undertake one thing new. thus we tend to created pizza pie Roll-ups or home-baked “Hot Pockets” or pizza pie Wraps. decision them no matter you wish. They’re smart, easy, fast, low cost and gluten-free. I simply heated the hotcake (we use Mission white corn; flour tortillas would be smart, too, if you’ll have them), flipped it and else a containerful of pizza pie sauce (you might additionally use Prego), some cut cheese, and a few Hormel sausage. I wished my sausage to really be to a small degree roast thus I roast it on the griddle by itself for a moment before adding it to the wrap.

So easy i assumed it ought to be One smart factor. 🙂

How To Get Rid of Shampoo Buildup! 

Mary Kearney
To remove hairspray & product buildup from your hair in your hand combine a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate together with your shampoo and shampoo & condition your hair as was common.

Camping Time and Money Saver!

Theresa Smith
My one smart issue involves our favourite activity: habitation. Now, we have a tendency to don’t camp within the wild, oh no, i’m an excessive amount of of a spoiled occupant for that! we’ve a travel trailer that we have a tendency to leave at the beach throughout the summer. whereas an excellent food market is closeby, I don’t wish to be at the mercy of their weekly sales, thus I arrange and prepare our meats previous vacation time. I purchase our favourite meats whereas they’re on sale, separate them out, place within the acceptable marinades, then exploitation my food saver, (or simply smart durable Deepfreeze bags) place them in my freezer. On our travel day, I fill our cooler with my frozen meats, give a contribution some ice and drinking water, and that we area unit prepared for a week’s price of excellent broiling. Once we have a tendency to get our deep-freeze within the trailer cooled down, i choose my 1st meal of vacation to thaw within the icebox and place the remainder of the packs within the deep-freeze. Now, I solely need to purchase dish provides and different veggies. This helps USA not be thus tempted to dine out as a result of preparation at the encampment couldn’t be easier. we have a tendency to still exit for shrimp one night and breakfast one morning, however this preplanning actually saves time and money!

Sweeping Up STICKY Messes!

Happy birthday, and wish you a great many more! My one smart issue is a straightforward thanks to sweep up sticky foods like hard-boiled rice, oatmeal or raisins. merely spray the world gently with water and sweep as was common. The food sweeps right up while not a struggle.

 Kid-Friendly “Hammer and Nails”


My kinsman likes to hammer nails into wood however this could be quite painful occasionally. we tend to gave him a foam and golf tees for him to “hammer.” He loves it!

Rice Krispie Birthday Bundt Cake and MORE!

Happy first Birthday!!  My tip for One Good Thing:
The wonderful skillfulness of the Rice Krispie Treats!
1. plain recent original formula
2. combine spread within the melting half and prime with liquid chocolate
3. combine cocoa or liquid chocolate candy chips into the candy half and skip topping with liquid chocolate
(these ones style like uptake spread cups…my favorite!)
4. use cocoa krispies rather than white ones
5. use fruity pebbles rather than white ones
(very terribly sweet!!!)
6. build rice krispie kabobs…square chunks on skewers with fruit or marshmallows in between. (I like chocolate lordotic strawberries and bit white marshmallows)
7. last however not least…shape the “dough” into a bundt pan and use for a cake like I did one year for my daughter! I did one layer cocoa krispies and one layer white traditional formula. NO BAKING needed. make sure to spray the pan with pam 1st. And chill well before removing from pan.

Greeting Card Center

Greeting cards

Robin Anders

Happy Birthday, and the way excited you want to be regarding the success of your journal. My one smart factor is that I keep a relentless provide of either handmade (scrapbook style) or store bought “thinking of you cards” accessible, at my finger tips, organized by distance, not feeling well, simply because, funny,haven’t detected from you in a very whereas, and a few blank. the envelopes have already got stamps on them, therefore I don’t wish to waste that money. Every week, on Tuesday, I decide a lover to send a card to. I may have seen them over the weekend, however they still would possibly get a card. I even have a program in my laptop that helps ME see United Nations agency has gotten one and United Nations agency hasn’t. typically i’ll have to be compelled to send 2. My friends completely love these. Most of them square measure pretty funny, some square measure nice temporal order for those pain. typically I place paper in them simply to irritate those i do know can create them laugh, moreover as slightly curse ME. Well, that’s my one smart factor. once again. Happy Birthday!


A Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal

Gina Vesely

One sensible Thing- Keep a feeling Journal. Write in it each day- notwithstanding on some days you’ll solely be grateful for your pencil.

Thank you for that reminder Gina! after I was surfing treatment for misuse, that was something we were required to try to to everyday. Write one thing in an exceedingly feeling journal. initially it had been exhausting. I mean it’s exhausting to feel “grateful” once you area unit in this situation….but day by day it got easier and easier as you complete that there’s invariably one thing to be grateful for….even if it’s solely the pencil. 🙂

Well….that concludes VOLUME 2 of “One sensible issue By YOU”.  I hope you have got enjoyed! keep tuned for VOLUME THREE!

And if you have got additional concepts you’d prefer to share….PLEASE be at liberty to feature them to the comments below and that i can embody them in future volumes!


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