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How to stay cool this summer – make your own DIY “Chillow”

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Make your own chillow

One of my least favorite parts of summer is being HOT while I’m trying to sleep! In the mountain valley where we live, it does cool off a bit at night, but not enough to make any real difference by keeping the windows open. I’m the kind of gal who keeps flipping her pillow over to the cool side. 😉 Which makes this DIY perfect for me, and for anyone who enjoys a cool sleeping environment!

This pillow project is a DIY version of a product called a “Chillow.” Have you ever heard of it? Apparently it’s just a special kind of pillow that you can fill with water and chill in the refrigerator, so the whole pillow stays cool while you sleep. (It also works wonders when you have a particularly nasty headache according to my son Erik!)

But rather than spending $20 on this specialty item, you can easily make your own!  Here’s how!

Make Your Own "Chillow"

DIY “Chillow”

You’ll need:

  • An inflatable pillow
  • Water
  • A small funnel or squeeze bottle

Hopefully these highly complicated instructions won’t get too overwhelming! 😉

Make Your Own "Chillow"

Use a small funnel or squeeze bottle to fill your pillow with water.

Make sure to pinch or pull the pillow below the valve to ensure that the water can enter the pillow, rather than spilling out over the sides. (It’s also a good idea to fill the pillow over the sink!)

Make Your Own "Chillow"

One the pillow is full, seal the valve and place it in your fridge for several hours to get nice and cool.

Make Your Own "Chillow"

Now you can enjoy a cool night’s sleep (or a mid-day nap!) with a nice chilled pillow! Or, the next time you have a headache, try laying your poor aching head on it, according to my son Erik, it works like a charm!

How do you keep cool during hot summer nights? 

Make Your Own “Chillow”


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