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How to make spoon butter

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Spoon Butter 4

I recently saw a butter direction that caught my eye on Pinterest, however it wasn’t for eating….it was for keeping your wood spoons, bowls, platters, and cutting boards in tip-top form. I’ve invariably far-famed it absolutely was necessary to grease your chopping board, however I ne’er thought of my spoons, etc. That explains why my wood spoons invariably find yourself rending. The very dry climate I board doesn’t help!

So i made a decision to relinquish my wood room utensils somewhat tender, fond care and create them a batch of Spoon Butter.

I did some analysis and located that almost all of the recipes for Spoon Butter (or Wood Butter) square measure a combination of beeswax and oil. however since oil may be a by-product of oil production, and not one thing I essentially need to rub everywhere my food preparation surfaces, I unbroken wanting. that isn’t as simple because it sounds as a result of it seems lots of oils go rancid quickly and aren’t appropriate for this application. therefore i made a decision to do my ex, extra-virgin oil, that is kind of stable, and won’t go unhealthy quickly. My wood things soaked it up and have a brand new remodeled shininess. they’re higher shielded from drying, cracking and marking too!

Spoon Butter

Spoon Butter


1 half bees wax to three elements copra oil (or oil of choice)


Place a mason jar inside a pan on the stove. Fill the pan water till it reaches halfway up the jar. flip stove to a medium-low heat. Add beeswax and copra oil to your jar (1 half beeswax, three elements coconut oil) and permit to soften. Once liquid, provide oil a decent stir to assist emulsify it and punctiliously take away the jar from water bathtub to permit to chill. Seal with a lid.

Optional: Once the mixture has cooled, add a number of drops of lemon essential oil . Lemon EO has antiseptic, antifungal, and medicine properties and can add a pleasant, clean scent!

Spoon Butter

To use, scoop out a touch of the butter and slather it into picket spoons, cutting boards, etc and permit oil to soak up nightlong. Any crude is wiped off succeeding day. Reapply each month about, or after they begin to appear dry.

Spoon Butter

Spoon Butter

BONUS: Your hands can feel further soft afterwards!

I solely created tiny batch for my 1st try however am attending to be needing a lot of soon! Next time i feel i’ll build a much bigger batch and put it into small jars and provides them as gifts at the side of a nice wooden spoon. i might like to get such a fun and unexpected gift! 🙂

Spoon Butter


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