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How to make a quick and easy window valance

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simple window valance
Do you ever have an idea that you don’t really think will amount to much but then turns out to be something kind of special? Well, that’s how I feel about today’s post.

It all started when I saw a picture on Pinterest of this cute over-the-kitchen-sink valance from The Lettered Cottage. I hadn’t really considered putting a valance there before…but after seeing the picture, I could totally picture it above my sink as well.

simple kitchen valance b
Since I’m currently in the midst of playing “musical bedrooms” at my house and creating a home office for myself…I filed this idea away in my head for something to do “down the road”.

Then a couple of funny things happened “down the road”.

First, out of the blue, I discovered a random tension rod in my craft closet that was just the right length for above MY kitchen sink. Kinda weird.

Second, I re-discovered a small vintage tablecloth I had picked up at our local thrift store a LONG time ago. It just sorta “showed up” in my laundry room one day. Again, kinda weird!

And finally, rummaging through my craft closet looking for some jute twine to tie around a loaf of my Amish Friendship Bread, I found some leftover shower curtain clips from my Window Covering Makeover post. OK, this got my attention. I think someone was trying to tell me I needed to give this kitchen sink valance thing a try.

So I DID…and this is what I came up with! Not a stitch of sewing involved, and the most difficult thing I had to do was find a pair of scissors & cut the tablecloth in half lengthwise.

simple window valance

After cutting the tablecloth into two sections, I decided  the length I wanted the valance to be, and then folded each piece down once on the cut side and added the shower curtain clips (which were about $6 for 8 clips at Walmart).

simple window valance

Only thing left to do after that was thread the rod through the rings and put the tension rod in place over the window and between the two cupboards.

simple window valance

That is it! The easiest valance you’ll ever make! Honestly, I don’t know how it could possibly have been ANY easier.

simple window valance

As a matter of fact….this might be one of the shortest posts I’ve ever done.  What should we talk about NOW???

hmmmmmmm. 🙂


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