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How to make a natural toilet odor spray with essential oils

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DIY No. 2 Spray

A few years ago, I received an email from a reader asking if I knew how to make a homemade version of the popular bathroom spray “Poo-Pourri”. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t, but I was definitely intrigued!

I looked it up and found out that the Poo-pourri spray is proprietary blend of essential oils designed to help eliminate bathroom odors. It works because the oils form a film on top of the toilet water which traps odors. Pretty neat, right? I also discovered that Poo-pourri has quite the fan base. It seems like everyone who has tried it out has loved it!

I’m sure the name brand version contains other ingredients in addition to essential oils, but I felt like my version could work just as well using only essential oils and water. To stress test the formula I came up with, I gave a bottle to a friend who put it in the bathroom at his office. He reported back that the men in his office loved had high praise for the spray, and that was good enough for me!

Without further ado, here’s the recipe for my version of Poo-pourri, which I have dubbed my “No. 2 Spray.” 😉

DIY No. 2 Spray

No. 2 Spray

You’ll need:

  • 20 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 20 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 20 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 2 oz witch hazel
  • (1) 2 oz dark glass spray bottle

DIY No. 2 Spray


Add 20 drops each of lemongrass, grapefruit, and bergamot essential oils to the bottle.

DIY No. 2 Spray

Then pour witch hazel to fill the rest of the bottle. Replace the spray cap and shake the bottle to combine the ingredients.

How To Use Your No. 2 Spray

Before “nature calls,” shake the bottle to redistribute the essential oils, then spray 3-4 spritzes into your toilet bowl.

The oils will disperse over the water creating a vapor barrier and trapping any offensive odors! You’re welcome. 😉


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