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How to make luxurious milk and honey soap

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Milk & Honey Soap

The project I’m sharing today combines 2 of my favorite things: natural health & beauty product, and camp-made gifts! This milk and honey soap is amazingly straightforward to form, and it’s a pleasure to use, too. The finished soap encompasses a smooth sleek texture that feels merely luxurious, and a cheap ornamental soap mildew makes them look downright elegant. the complete OGT team raved concerning this soap, and that we all assume it’d build an ideal gift! (There’s a definite risk that we are going to all find yourself giving one another milk and honey soap this Christmas, and I’m terribly okay therewith.) 😉

Milk & Honey Soap

Not solely is that this soap straightforward on the eyes, however it’s nice for your skin, too! The soap base we tend to used features goat’s milk, that is made in fats and nutrients that nourish and hydrate skin. Goat’s milk additionally has medicament properties, which may facilitate soothe itching and irritation. the opposite powerhouse ingredient during this soap is raw honey, that provides additional moisturizing power. the mix of goat’s milk associated honey creates an ultra-smooth and opaque bar of soap that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. able to learn the way it’s done? 🙂

Milk & Honey Soap

Milk and Honey Soap

You’ll need:

  • Goat’s milk soap base
  • Soap mold or silicone mold
  • Organic raw honey
  • Yellow and red soap color (optional)

Milk & Honey Soap


Start by breaking your goat’s milk soap base in half. Keep one half to use currently, and store the opposite half away to use later.

Cut the soap base piece into smaller chunks, or break it apart if it’s already divided. place the soap chunks into a microwave-safe instrumentality. (A glass cup works well here!)

Milk & Honey Soap

Microwave the soap chunks for thirty seconds, then stir. Repeat till the soap base has liquified fully.

Add three tablespoons of honey to the liquified soap base, and blend well.

Milk & Honey Soap

If you’re adding any coloring, you’ll add that at now too. we tend to thought it’d be nice for our milk and honey soap to possess a delicate honey color. to realize that impact, we tend to complete up adding eight drops of yellow soap coloring and one drop of red coloring.

Milk & Honey Soap

Pour the soap and honey mixture into your chosen mildew. we tend to found these ornamental soap molds at Hobby Lobby, however you may use around any mildew you’ve got handy.

Let the soap cool utterly, that might take anyplace from half-hour to three hours, reckoning on the temperature and wetness of the area.

Milk & Honey Soap

When your soaps have solidified, carefully remove them from the mold.


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