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How to make a homemade gift box

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I think I might just start referring to my Monday posts as “A Paper Crafting Party!”

It just seems like Sunday afternoons are the perfect time for a craft project…and I do love working with paper. Nothing too ambitious mind you (not that I ever do ambitious crafts), just something I’ve been wanting to try but never can seem to find time to do during the busy work week.

This simple handmade box is the perfect example.  Cute, simple, and OH the possibilities!

Cute: obviously! 🙂

Simple: All it takes it being able to FOLD PAPER! No glue, tape, staples, NOTHING.

OH the possibilities:  They obviously make great little gift boxes or favor boxes, but without the “lids” they would also be great for organizing stuff!  In a desk drawer, on a craft table, on a closet shelf for jewelry!

Homemade Box

Now I know all of you are going to want to know how I made these! How could you NOT?? 🙂

Well I hate to disappoint…but *I* can’t show you. Well, I COULD, but I have someone else who can show you so much better than I could….

….and she’s only ONE CLICK AWAY.

How To Make A Homemade Gift Box

Homemade Gift Box – Folding The Bottom

Homemade Gift Box – Final Steps

This video series by Mary Gallagher-Stout on is a simple tutorial that takes you through each and every step to making one of these sweet little containers.

One of the things I like about watching craft videos (or any How-To videos) is if they start going too fast I just make them stop while I get caught up. I have the power!  🙂  lol.

Give it a try! It’s pretty cool! 😉

(Note:  there are 3 videos in all. An option to watch the next one comes up at the end of the first one. Or, if you want to skip to the next one, click on “Related” in the upper right corner of the video box.)


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