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How To Make Fudge

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On this post, will show you “How To Make Fudge”

Preamble: Everyone always says how difficult it is to make fudge, but not anymore! This easy recipe takes 5 minutes (although it does need time to cool in the refrigerator). Everyone will be amazed by your delicious fudge!

Preparation: 5 mins
Total: 5 mins

Ingredients for this recipe for 8 people:

3 c. (375g) semi-sweet chocolate chips,
14 oz. (40cl) sweetened condensed milk,
1/4 c. (60g) + 1 tbsp. (15g) butter

How To Make Fudge from scratch:
Combine all of the ingredients (chocolate chips, 1/4 cup butter, condensed milk) in a microwave-save bowl.
Microwave for 3-5 minutes, stopping to mix every minute until well combined and smooth.
Using the 1 tbsp. of butter grease an 8 by 8 baking dish.
Pour the mixture into the dish and refrigerate it until it firms. Enjoy!

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