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DIY 9 Cent fidget!

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As we know, fidgets are on the rise in various colors, shapes, and yes costs! While some range from 4-5 dollars, others will cost you as much as 10-15! But, I have figured out a way to make one for only 9 cents! And a little time of course:)

You’ll need:
9 pennies


Glue (E6000 or hot glue)

A paperclip

4 shallow water bottle caps (I used Pur-Agua)

A marker

A Scissors

A pen you can destroy

Step 1: Cut Out the Cardboard and Glue the Pennies

Take your cardboard and trace 4 circles of the water bottle caps and cut them out, you’ll need these later on, then poke a hole in the middle of one of them (A ballpoint pen or a toothpick should work) And leave the other 3 blankGlue 3 pennies inside each of the 3 out of 4 caps, we’ll show you why the fourth cap is important in the next step. Now glue 3 cardboard discs in the inside of the cap (Ontop of the penny, it makes it look neater 🙂

Step 2: The 4th Cap

The 4th Cap

Now take that 4th cap (the middle cap), and poke a hole in the middle. This will be our
center circle where the paperclip and pen part will go. On the other side, glue in the last cardboard disc with the hole on the rim (Leaving a cavity in the middle)

Now take a ball point pen that has a tube inside, take it all apart, and cut off a little piece of the tube on the end Make it so it is big enough to go through the hole and stick out on both sides. (We’ll use this later)

Step 3: Final Glue and Assembly

Glue the penny caps to the middle cap with the cavity in a triangular form, then once its dry and hard take your paper clip and bend it out completely flat. Thread the paperclip thorough the pen tube and through the hole. Now you may need a pliers for this next part. Bend the paperclip on both sides so that it “loops”, then keep bending until you can comfortably hold it like the last photo. And voila! You’re done!!

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