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3 genius hacks for swiffers that will save you money

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I receive lots of queries from readers concerning all types of topics, and that i do try and answer as several of these emails as I can! however after I begin obtaining an analogous question from many totally different readers, it’s a decent indication that I ought to address the question during a journal post! And recently, I’ve had quite …

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One good thing by you – volume two!

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Back in June to celebrate “One smart issue By Jillee” turning one year previous, we have a tendency to had a fun giveaway wherever individuals left comments telling United States what YOUR “One smart Thing” would be if you were Maine for a day! 🙂 It might be a “tried and true” tip, technique, recipe, craft, etc…or it might be …

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35 surprising uses for coconut oil that will change your life

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It feels like everyplace I flip latterly, I see another “___ Uses For Coconut Oil” list. Generally once things area unit HYPED that much…my intellect measuring system goes into overdrive. however the additional I examine it, the additional it will appear to be it will do exactly concerning anything! I actually have browse most concerning copra oil within the past …

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10 Natural baby care remidies

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A few weeks agone my sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) and that i, at the side of Spark Naturals, hosted a fun event referred to as The Natural Baby Fair! We needed to share our love of natural remedies and conjointly introduce those present to another naturals ways that for citing baby! The event was a large success! we tend to had …

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31 Surprisingly brilliant ways to use borax

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Within the past number of years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching a handful of categories at Pinner’s Conference in Salt Lake town. In one in every of those categories, I talked concerning my “love affair” with creating my very own home-baked improvement product, and tutored the way to create the ten of the foremost common improvement recipes on my …

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15 Everyday uses for castile soap

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Up until a number of years past I had to special order soap on-line however nowadays you’ll be able to typically realize it at your native grocery store! This natural soap is certainly creating a comeback! And no wonder! It has plenty of uses, from head-to-toe body care to each day unit improvement, laundry, and pet care. Plus, a trifle …

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10 tried and true dip recipes you’ll want to save


Dips ar a serious weakness of mine, I’ll be honest. Spoiling my appetence by intake an excessive amount of dip before dinner is sort of its own vacation tradition at this point! And since i do know that I’m hardly the sole one UN agency features a weakness for dips, i believed I’d place along a listing of a number …

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17 Surprisingly clever uses for mayonnaise


Mayonnaise, that sourish mix of eggs, oil, and vinegar that several folks can’t live while not on our BLT’s, is rather more than simply a sandwich condiment! There area unit a stunning variety of how to use it round the house, for everything from stain removal to hair learning. I’ve place along a listing of seventeen completely different uses for …

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18 DIYS and makeovers that prove frugal can be fabulous


I’m sure you’re already well aware of how much I love a good revamp, re-do, upcycle, makeover, etc. Not only is it a fun way to get creative, but it’s good for the environment to improve the things you already own (or somebody else has owned,) rather than buying something new. But you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re …

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