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3 genius hacks for swiffers that will save you money

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How to Hack Your Swiffer

I receive lots of queries from readers concerning all types of topics, and that i do try and answer as several of these emails as I can! however after I begin obtaining an analogous question from many totally different readers, it’s a decent indication that I ought to address the question during a journal post! And recently, I’ve had quite an few people email ME asking a few cheaper, greener various for the pads and cleansing answer for Swiffer product. therefore that’s what I’ll be addressing today! 🙂

Did you recognize that since Procter and Gamble introduced the Swiffer in 1999, it’s adult to become one in every of the foremost recognized and successful brands in yankee history, with retail sales at over a [*fr1] billion dollars??!! That’s lots of “swiffering!” 🙂 It’s clearly a thought individuals like… a LOT!

But perpetually shopping for the refills for your Swiffer Sweeper or Wet Jet will add up fast! therefore these days I’m aiming to show you the way to save lots of yourself some cash AND save resources by creating your own REUSABLE cleansing pads and cleansing answer. These “hacks” are therefore easy you’ll be smack your forehead (like I was!) and uttering that acquainted phrase…”Why didn’t i believe of that?” I’ll cover both the Swiffer Sweeper and also the Swiffer WetJet, beginning with the Sweeper.

How to Hack Your Swiffer

Sweeper Hacks

Reusable Sweeper Pads

Rather than using the pricey disposable sweeper pads, here’s a DIY alternative that’s infinitely reusable – a fuzzy sock!

How to Hack Your Swiffer

Just slip the sock onto the bottom of your Swiffer, and use it a bit like you unremarkably would. The fuzzy material works sort of a charm for choosing up mud, dirt, and hair. once you’re done sweeping, you’ll wash the sock with the remainder of your laundry, and use it once more and again!

How to Hack Your Swiffer

WetJet Hacks

Reusable WetJet Pads

Since I don’t even have a WetJet reception, I haven’t explored several alternatives for WetJet pads in person. except for the aim of this post, I needed to search out some various choices for those of you WHO do own and use the Swiffer WetJet.

You could attempt employing a fuzzy sock a bit like with the Sweeper, except for larger scrubbing jobs you’ll in all probability would like one thing that’s additional absorbent. i believe that a microfiber textile can be an excellent solution!

So I did slightly of looking, and that i really found a handful of corporations on-line that sell reusable microfiber cleansing pads for the Swiffer WetJet. (I found a 3-pack of reusable cleansing pads for regarding $15 on Amazon. looks like a reasonably good deal to ME, considering the price of the disposable ones!)

But the cleansing pads area unit only 1 a part of the WetJet equation. What regarding the dear bottles of cleansing answer? browse on for a homemade substitute for that cleansing solution, together with directions for obtaining it into the special WetJet bottle!

Homemade WetJet Cleaning Solution


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 3-5 drops dish soap


Stir all ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.

To get your homemade solution into the original WetJet solution bottle, you’ll need to loosen the cap with hot water first.

How to Hack Your Swiffer

Bring alittle pot of water to a boil on your stovetop, then close up the warmth. Submerge the cap finish of the WetJet bottle utterly within the quandary, and hold it there for concerning ninety seconds.

How to Hack Your Swiffer

When the soaking time is up, take away the bottle from the water and place a towel or rag over the cap. Twist the cap, and it ought to come back right off!

How to Hack Your Swiffer

Pour the vinegar, water, and soap mixture into the bottle, then replace the cap. Shake the bottle gently to form positive everything is immersed, and you’re able to get mopping!

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