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17 Surprisingly clever uses for mayonnaise

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20 Uses For Mayo

Mayonnaise, that sourish mix of eggs, oil, and vinegar that several folks can’t live while not on our BLT’s, is rather more than simply a sandwich condiment! There area unit a stunning variety of how to use it round the house, for everything from stain removal to hair learning. I’ve place along a listing of seventeen completely different uses for mayo (or dressing, as it’s named in our house,) and I’m excited to share them with you today! i used to be definitely shocked by many of the uses on this list, and that i assume you may be too. 🙂

17 Uses For Mayonnaise

20 Uses For Mayo

1. Dust Houseplants

If you have got any fake plants around your home, you’ll provide them a full new shine with a clean material and alittle of salad dressing. dirt the leaves 1st, then place atiny low dab of salad dressing on your material. Then merely buff the leaves to a good looking shine!

2. Remove Rings

Use dressing to get rid of a hoop that’s stuck on a finger (whether it’s your child’s or yours, no judgment here!) 😉 Scoop a trifle of dressing out of the jar, and spread it around your finger and also the ring itself. Let it sit for a moment some, then the ring ought to slide right off!

20 Uses For Mayo

3. Shine Stainless Steel

If your stainless-steel is showing a lot of fingerprints and smudges than shine, simply grab a clean artefact and your authentic jar of dressing. Place alittle dab of dressing onto the material, and use it to buff your stainless-steel appliances till the marks square measure gone and therefore the shine is reconditioned.

4. Squeaky Hinges

A screaky hinge will drive anyone up a wall! therefore at the primary sign of a squeak, treat the hinge with alittle quantity of mayonnaise. simply spread it onto the hinge mistreatment your finger, then open and shut the article many times to induce it worked into the hinge. Then simply use a towel or clean textile to take up any excess mayonnaise.

Uses For Mayo

5. Remove Sticker Residue

I love repurposing previous containers in new and helpful ways in which, however obtaining the previous stickers off is difficult to mention the least! victimisation dressing will facilitate build the method considerably easier (though it will need a trifle of patience.)

Remove the maximum amount of the sticker as you’ll, then cowl the remaining sticker and residue with a thick layer of dressing. Let it sit for a couple of minutes that the fat within the dressing will begin to dissolve the adhesive. once the adhesive has dissolved enough, simply rub the remainder of the sticker residue off along with your fingers or a sponge!

6. Kill Head Lice

A salad dressing scalp treatment may be a good way to kill head lice naturally. Apply a layer of salad dressing everywhere the scalp at time of day, then cowl with a cap and attend sleep. within the morning, comb the hair and wash totally.

20 Uses For Mayo

7. Manicure Treatment

Before your next home manicure, strive soaking your nails in an exceedingly shallow dish of salad dressing. The salad dressing can soften and dampen your cuticles, and your nails can get a lift of macromolecule for additional strength.

8. Clean Up Tar

It is an enormous pain to do and take away tar and sap from your automobile, however you’ll lie with simply exploitation mayonnaise! simply cowl the tar or sap spot with a layer of mayo, and let it sit for many minutes. Wipe clean with a soft artifact.

20 Uses For Mayo

9. Condition Hair

A salad dressing scalp treatment will facilitate calm a dry, restless scalp, and add serious shine to your hair! Massage an honest quantity of salad dressing onto your scalp, and let it sit for concerning half-hour. Then shampoo and condition as was common. Your scalp are nourished and moisturized, and you won’t believe however sleek swish your hair feels!

10. Moisturize Skin

If you’ve got rough patches on your skin, like on your elbows, knees, or heels, dressing makes an exquisite learning treatment! simply rub a dab of dressing onto your rough patches, and let it sit for ten minutes. Rinse well subsequently.

20 Uses For Mayo

11. Crayon On Walls

It looks like each parent must deal with a wall packed with crayon art at some purpose. however removing those crayon marks is created a lot of easier with dressing! Use your finger to use a layer of mayo to the crayon marks, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then simply wipe the crayon marks and dressing away with a clean fabric.

12. Erase Water Stains

You very will erase water rings and stains on your picket article of furniture victimization mayo! All it really takes is time. simply cowl the mark with a thick layer of mayonnaise, and let it sit there for up to forty eight hours, most likely less for lighter stains. (You will cowl the mayonnaise with a bowl if you don’t wish to appear at it, or to stay the dog from licking it up.) Wipe it clean with a artifact, and be stunned at however the water rings simply disappear!

20 Uses For Mayo

13. Grilled Cheese

The first time somebody told ME that they use dressing on the surface of their grilled cheese instead of butter, i used to be extremely skeptical. Sounds weird, right? however amazingly, it isn’t weird at all! It tastes regarding constant as butter, and it browns fantastically for a golden, crisp grilled cheese.

14. Polish Silver

Give your silver jewellery a fast polish with a little of salad dressing! The acid of the lemon and/or vinegar within the mayo can take away tarnish and add a stunning shine to your jewellery.

20 Uses For Mayo

15. Make A Dip

I will ne’er resist an honest dip. I wrote a post a number of months agone with ten delicious dip recipes, and a number of other of them simply wouldn’t be an equivalent while not mayo!

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16. Gum In Hair

If your kid or progeny has gotten gum in their hair, provide this salad dressing answer a strive before breaking out the scissors. simply rub salad dressing onto the gum and also the hair encompassing it, then gently slide the gum down the hair strands victimization your fingers.

20 Uses For Mayo

17. Make Dressing

When your mayonnaise instrumentation simply|is simply} regarding empty (probably once you tried out the opposite nineteen uses during this post!) don’t toss it just nonetheless. you’ll be able to use the remaining little bit of mayonnaise within the jar to form a tasty, creamy dressing.

Just add alittle of vegetable oil, a splash of vinegar, and a sprinkling of your herbs of option to the jar. Replace the lid, then shake it up rather well. Use it to decorate an easy dish of greens for a healthy snack

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